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What do the Best Slot Games Have in Common?

With the vast array of online slots available today, developers have to work hard to make their games stand out from the masses. They do this by creating unique games that are fun to play, offer great prizes, and have special bonuses that no other slot has.  

However, while each slot tries hard to be distinctive, there are certain things that all slots share. For example, the number of available reels, pay lines offered, or even the bonus features the game gives.  

Many slots have also started to offer things like progressive jackpots or pay lines based on multiple reels and symbols. Finding slots like this can quickly be done online, especially by reading a Megaways review of the best slot with numerous symbols and lines.  

This article will examine some common characteristics of the best slot games. These are unique things that every good slot should have as a standard, and that set these games apart from the rest.  

High RTP and Medium Volatility 

One thing that many of the greatest slot games offer is a high RTP (return to player) rate. This rate (sometimes known as the house edge) depicts how much of the income made by the game is paid out to players.  

While physical slots in brick-and-mortar casinos usually carry an RTP rate between 70% and 90%, online slots tend to be much more generous. Online games average an RTP rate of between 93% and 97%. Some online slots even offer an RTP of 99%, though the majority of these are made by famous developer Microgaming 

Another thing that works hand in hand with a high RTP is medium volatility. Volatility is used to measure how often slots pay out and the amounts that they pay out. High-volatility slots usually pay out incredible amounts of money but have a more extended period between big wins.  

Inversely, low-volatility slots pay out reasonably regularly, sometimes on a spin-by-spin basis. However, the amounts these slots pay are rather average, and you won’t be able to win big very easily.  

Medium-volatility slots are the middle ground of these two types. They pay out more evenly across the time spent playing. They also tend to pay out decent prizes that will generally leave you smiling broadly. Sometimes, they might even get you jumping up and down.  

Progressive Jackpot 

While this is not exclusive to all of the best slots available, many have a progressive jackpot that can eventually lead to jaw-dropping wins. Progressive jackpots have grown increasingly common amongst the best game developers because of their popularity amongst players.  

These slots all use a central jackpot pool to calculate the maximum amount available to be won. Aside from the main jackpot, these slots offer up to three additional jackpots. These are all separate from the main jackpot, which is usually called the mega jackpot.  

The jackpot amounts are calculated by taking a specific amount from each bet placed on the game from every player and adding it to the prize, much like any other slot game. How progressive slots differ is that the game is connected to every other instance of the same game.  

Therefore, if you have 100 players playing a specific game at one point, all 100 will contribute to the combined prize pool that all players can win. Non-progressive slots only allow players to increase the jackpot of their own game instance.  

This interconnected system has led to some of the largest jackpot wins in slot history.  

Bonus Games 

Another common feature amongst the best slot games is a great and entertaining bonus game (or bonus round). As a standard, two different types of bonus games are frequently encountered: interactive and free spin.  

Interactive bonus games launch a mini-game that the player can complete to get their bonus win. Usually, these take the form of a game where the player must choose an icon from a selection of available symbols. Based on their choice, the game will then either continue or end and pay them any winnings gained until that point.  

The more common bonus game in online slots is the free spins bonus. This bonus operates in much the same way across all slots. However, the number of free spins awarded tends to differ from game to game. 

You will be granted a specific number of free spins during a free spin bonus. This will allow you to play the slot without having to wager a bet each time you spin. As such, any winnings you make during these spins are pure profit.  

Alongside free spins, this type of bonus will also generally include an additional advantage. This commonly takes the form of extra wilds added to the game reels. These wilds help lead to bigger wins during the free spin rounds.  

Graphics and Sounds 

As you can expect, the best slots usually have excellent graphics and audio. These graphics typically follow the game’s theme and help immerse you in the game.  

The graphics include the animation of the reels as they spin, muted lighting or twinkles that make the slot’s background more than just a static image, and the detail of the symbols that appear on the screen. Each of these is refined to give you a visually spectacular view while playing.  

To complement these great graphics, slots have an array of fantastic sounds and effects that audibly bring the graphics to life. These include the rushing sounds of the reels spinning, ambient background music, and exciting tunes each time you win big or get special symbols on the screen.  


The above is only a portion of the things that can add up to make a great slot. However, the best slots use all of these elements to engage and delight players while giving them a memorable (and hopefully more profitable) gaming experience.  

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