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StakeLogic is a Dutch company based in Eindhoven and has a very striking history. This is quite special since StakeLogic has only been active since 2015. However, prior to this, it was known as Sherrif Gaming which faced bankruptcy. In addition to the Dutch branch, it also has a branch in Malta, a place where many gambling companies are located. This review will first discuss the history of the company (since 2010), as this has a major impact on the story of the company. In addition, we will discuss the most important features of the current company StakeLogic. Of course, the game range is also discussed.

Bankruptcy Sherrif Gaming

In 2010, the predecessor of StakeLogic, called Sherrif Gaming, was founded. This was done by the ‘Bubble Group' which included two brothers and Stijn Flapper. This new company got off to a promising start, making high-quality, high-quality slot games. However, this came to an end in 2013 when the company was declared bankrupt, after the owners were accused of money laundering practices. Jail sentences followed and this once-promising company came to a definitive end.

Restart and Novomatic

Fortunately for the players, a restart of the company did not take too long. In 2015, thanks to Novomatic, a new game developer was founded called StakeLogic. To be precise, this was mainly the work of a Novomatic subsidiary called Greentube. Sherrif Gaming's successor soon turned out to be a fast-growing and promising company. It appears that many employees who were active for Sherrif gaming were able to make the step to StakeLogic, as the quality of these employees has never been in question.

3D & Mobile Gaming

One of the most important features that StakeLogic is known for is the quality of its games. Especially because many 3D effects have been incorporated, this gets an extra special effect. This means that you can view it from all sides, or a 360 degree view. Think especially of symbols and such things that can be seen as 3D animations. Another strong point of this game developer is that they are also very focused on mobile gaming. Nowadays almost everyone has a mobile phone and people like it when you can do what you normally do on the road. StakeLogic's mobile versions of their games often work just as well as the regular ones.

Stable RTP

If we look at the slots that StakeLogic has developed, we can conclude that the RTP is often very stable. The vast majority of slots have an RTP between 96% and 97%. An excellent score as the industry average is around 96%. Of course there are a few exceptions that either go towards 95% or exceed 97%. An example of this is Spartania with an RTP of 97.22%.

Game Selection

StakeLogic is mainly specialized in developing slots. Despite the relatively short existence of 5 years, they already have a game portfolio of about 100 games. These slots can then still be divided into a number of categories. For example, they develop really classic slot machines with the classic fruit symbols, but they are also actively developing Megaways games. The latter games use a relatively new game mechanism, which is extremely popular. Within the category of slots there are therefore still some different degrees to name.

Megaways games

Of course, a game provider of the format of Stakelogic is also active in developing Megaways games. This popular game mechanism where you can form combinations in almost any way was conceived and developed by BTG. Many game providers, including Stakelogic, have the license to use this game mechanism. In the meantime, they have a nice game portfolio in the field of these games. Stakelogic developed games such as Candyways Bonanza Megaways, Runner Runner Megaways, Dice Runner Megaways, and Super Wild Megaways, among others. However, this is just a small selection from the entire range of Stakelogic.

Best Free Play StakeLogic Slots


The Dutch StakeLogic is working hard to establish its name firmly among the major players. because of the not always fun history of the game provider, they do have the necessary experience. They specialize in slots and try to release different types. The most recent innovation was that of the Megaways mechanism. We expect a lot of great things from StakeLogic for the future.