Wolf Legend Megaways Slot Review

The successful Megaways mechanism is unstoppable. And rightly so: literally no spider is the same with this mechanism. Big Time Gaming has come up with it, but Blueprint Gaming also has a taste for it. Neat with an official license from Big Time Gaming. As it should. Wolf Legend Megaways is one of the Blueprint Gaming slots with Megaways.

Wolf Legend Megaways Slot

Blueprint Gaming may have arranged it neatly with Big Time Gaming, but another competitor is talking about it. Pragmatic Play thinks Wolf Legend Megaways is a bit too similar to Wolf Gold, one of the most successful Pragmatic Play slots. CasinoJager thinks that is a bit far from Pragmatic Play. However, Wolf Legend Megaways is very similar to Buffalo Rising Megaways, another Blueprint slot machine. Wolf Legend Mega Ways is a winner. This is mainly due to the Megaways mechanism in combination with unlimited multipliers in the bonus game. The payout percentage is also very good and graphically Wolf Legend is also to die for.

How to play at Wolf Legend Megaways slot machine?

Wolf Legend Megaways has no paylines, but MegaWays. That will cost you 10 credits per bet. The minimum bet is 0.10 (0.01 per credit) and the maximum bet is € 10 per spin (and therefore  1 per credit). For that bet you play on a slot with six reels. The number of symbols per reel differs per spin. Every spin is a surprise to every reel if there are three, four, five, six or seven symbols on the reel. That gives you every spin a minimum of 729 and a maximum of 117,649 ways to win.

How to play at Wolf Legend Megaways slot machine?

And then it can of course go fast with the number of winning combinations. For example, one symbol twice on the first reel, once on the second reel, twice on the third and fourth reel, once on the fifth reel and three times on the sixth reel counts as 24 winning combinations.

Symbols and Payouts

The crime scene is the beautiful south-west of the United States. That was once the habitat of the Mexican wolf. The Mexican wolf once reigned here in the landscape, meanwhile this wolf is a critically endangered species. The Mexican wolf still rules on Wolf Legend Megaways. The gold copy of this wolf earns 50 credits per winning combination. Not much, but thanks to the Megaways mechanism you can quickly grab multiple winning combinations in one fell swoop. Furthermore, the buffalo and eagle are not missing in Wolf Legend Megaways. Six playing card symbols – called royals – fill up the reels slightly and provide smaller wins. The wolf is also depicted on the Wild symbol. This symbol is a wild card for the playing cards and animals. In addition, there is also a Mystery symbol. After the reels have stopped, mystery symbols change into one and the same symbol. So exciting, but it is not always the symbol you had hoped for.

Symbols and Payouts

How does the bonus game work?

You need three bonus symbols to unlock the bonus game. That bonus game is called the Golden Streak on Wolf Legend Megaways. You can also “buy” the bonus game for 75 times your stake. If you do that, your payout rate will increase from 96.16 percent to 96.5 percent.

The bonus game is well put together and, if possible, is even more unpredictable than the Megaways spins in the basic game. As a basis you get a number of bonus spins per spin bonus symbol. Then you spin for extra spins. Each bonus symbol means extra spins. You keep spinning until you have a screen full of bonus symbols or you no longer spin a bonus symbol. You can try to earn extra streaks through the Gamble Game. This gives you an extra chance to play even more bonus spins together.

Free Spins Bonus

You play the bonus game on the same reels as the base game. Every spin makes the Megaways mechanism exciting again how many ways-to-win you take. On top of that you get a multiplier. Each spin increases by 1. There is no maximum. With a lot of luck you can play a multiplier of 50 together. Or even more.

What do we think about the Wolf Legend Megaways slot machine?

Blueprint Gaming was good already, but Megaways only makes Blueprint even better. Vikings Unleashed Megaways, Valletta Megaways and Buffalo Rising are some of the Megaways toppers from Blueprint. Wolf Legend Megaways can easily join that list. Wolf Legend Megaways has almost unlimited profit opportunities. You can unlock an unlimited number of bonus spins with unlimited multipliers. That makes the bonus games erratic and unpredictable. And so exciting and sometimes very lucrative. Just like the spins in the base game. The maximum win is cut at 50,000 times your stake. Or 250,000. We therefore advise you not to play with more than 5 per spin.

If you don't have the patience to clear the bonus game, you can buy it. This includes an excellent payout percentage: 96.5%.

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