Safari Gold Megaways Slot Review

The Megaways slots keep rolling out of the Blueprint Gaming factory and the end seems far from in sight, but the point of saturation is far from being reached. The strange thing is that the Megaways mechanism is so incredibly strong that you don't always have to come up with something completely new to build a successful Megaways slot. Blueprint Gaming proved that with Bar X Safecracker Megaways and they do it again with Safari Gold Megaways. Enjoy with the burning African sun on your ball!

Safari Gold Megaways Slot

How to play at Safari Gold Megaways Slot?

Safari Gold is a real Megaways slot. There are not too many surprises, but it is primarily a mix of everything that works so well. Graphically it all looks great, with wild animals, a real African background and a beautiful wild symbol, a tree under an orange-red sky. There are 6 reels and the top row moves independently of the other reels. The number of ways to win changes with every spin: if the playing field is at maximum size, there are 117,649 Megaways. You bet from 0.20 euros and that goes up to 10 euros per spin.

How to play at Safari Gold Megaways Slot?

It will come as no surprise that this slot has a very high variance: you can win up to 50,000 x the total bet on it. The maximum win is limited to 250,000, so maybe you shouldn't play with the full blow per spin.

Return to Player up to 97%

In terms of theoretical payout percentage, Safari Gold Megaways is also a must. If you use the Buy a Bonus option, the RTP is no less than 97%. If you choose to play the old-fashioned way, the Return To Player is still excellent: 96.50%.

Big Win

Symbols and payouts

The premium symbols consist of the wild animals. The lion is of course the most valuable: this animal is the king of the jungle. Spin 6 lions and you win 50 x the total bet. The other animals (buffalo, cheetah and elephant) are worth significantly less: between 2 x and 7.5 x the total bet for a 6-of-a-kind. Spin 6 of the same card symbols for a prize that is between 0.8 x and 1.75 x the bet. There are also wilds and mystery symbols. The best possible scenario is to run this in a combination.

Free spins bonus

You win the free spins bonus by spinning a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 7 scatters (the diamonds). You now win a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 30 free spins. Furthermore, it is a free spins bonus as we have seen it on a Megaways slot: every winning spin gives you a +1 multiplier. The multiplier is unlimited and winning combinations make way for new ones. It is possible to win extra free spins: minimum 5 and maximum 10. You do that by running 3 or 4 scatters. Finally, the mystery symbols are also active during the free spins bonus: that is usually the fastest way to a mega payout. Especially if they fall while a high multiplier is active.

Free spins bonus

Choose from two Buy a Bonus options

At Safari Gold Megaways you can choose from two different Buy a Bonus features. The cheapest will cost you 40 x the bet and for the most expensive you will pay 100 x the bet. Whichever you choose, both options let the wheel determine what you start with:

  • Option 1 (cost: 40 x bet): you get a number of normal spins with a minimum number of Megaways. RTP of 97%.
  • Option 2 (costs: 100 x the bet): you get access to the free spins bonus with a certain number of free spins and a start multiplier of up to 10 x the bet.

Buy a bonus Feature

What do we think of Safari Gold Megaways?

The Megaways formula is by no means touching. Safari Gold by Blueprint Gaming offers few surprises (except for the cheaper Bonus Buy), but it does everything well. The game looks great, the African savannah theme always works well and the mystery symbols and increasing multipliers allow you to earn big money. Finally, we would like to mention the high payout percentage of 97% if you use the Buy a Bonus feature. That is, especially today, a very nice RTP.

Play Safari Gold for free right here on Megaways.Casino.

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