Monopoly Megaways Slot Review

What do you get if you let two superpowers in the field of (online) games make a love baby? Monopoly Megaways, you get that! Big Time Gaming has developed the Monopoly Megaways slot in collaboration with Hasbro Entertainment and the result is a phenomenal slot. It is very clever how Big Time Gaming has captured all known elements of the world famous board game in a Megaways slot.

There are “Chance” and “General Fund” cards for mystery prizes, you save houses and it is very useful to incorporate the stations and utilities. Furthermore, all known symbols and characters are present: from Mister Monopoly and his dog to the thimble and the battleship. You land on “GO” for an extra price and the more houses there are on a street, the more valuable they become for you.

The original British street names are used for the street names.

How to Play at Monopoly Megaways?

There are 6 reels, which contain at least 2 and at most 7 symbols per turn. This creates up to 117,649 Megaways. You bet from 0.10 euros per spin and that goes up to 20 euros per spin. The variance is high: you can win up to 15,000 x the total bet.

Please remember, you can play Monopoly Megaways for free at your Megaways Casino.

The theoretical payout percentage is 96.31% and there is NO Buy a Bonus option. Winning combinations disappear and give way to new ones, so that chain reactions of winning combinations can arise.

Save houses and receive mystery prizes

Every winning combination that you make, Mister Monopoly shifts a number of steps on the Monopoly board. If it lands at a station or one of the two utilities (electricity or water), these will automatically become your property. These will come in handy later, during the free spins bonus. If you make several winning combinations in succession, you can save houses. The more winning combinations, the more houses are placed on the street where you landed. And therein lies the essence of the game: once you have saved 5 or more houses, you win the free spins bonus. The more houses you have built, the greater the chance that you will win the free spins bonus. Just like in the real game you can also land on General Fund or Opportunity.

You will receive a mystery prize:

  • Extra Houses
  • The free spins bonus
  • The next spin is always at the maximum number of Megaways (117,649)
  • Mister Monopoly is being moved to another street or station
  • If you land on “GO”, the next spin will always be a Max Megaways spin – ideal for running multiple winning combos and getting those sought-after extra homes.

Monopoly Megaways Free spins bonus

You can win the free spins bonus in two ways:

  • By getting 5 or more houses on a street
  • By landing on the Chance and getting the free spins as a mystery prize

You get 8 free spins to get started, but that's not all:

  • Every station saved saves +1 extra free spin
  • Every utility company that is your property increases the starting multiplier by +1

During the free spins you can also win extra multipliers and free spins, by ending up on streets with houses or by landing at stations or utilities.

Overall Assessment of Monopoly Megaways?

With Monopoly Megaways, Big Time Gaming has really delivered an online slot. It is bizarre how they have managed to keep a game in which so much is happening simple and understandable. The pace is somewhat slower than with other slots and there is no Buy a Bonus option: this is really a Megaways slot that you just have to sit down for. But what fun can you experience in this, just as you can be very annoyed (if you just can't activate that free spins bonus again). Just like with a real Monopoly board game. As far as we are concerned, this is definitely one of the best releases of 2019.


  • RTP: 96.39%
  • A Slot Machine by Big Time Gaming
  • Payout Mechanic: up to 117,649 ways
  • Volatility: High
  • Default free-spin cost: 0.10
  • Min bet: 0.20
  • Max bet: 20
  • Jackpot: no
  • Maximum win: 15,000 x initial bet

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