Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Slot Review

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters is a game according to the Megaclusters mechanism and has been developed by Relax Gaming. The Megaclusters mechanism, just like the popular Megaways mechanism, was developed by Big Time Gaming. For example, they released Starclusters Megaclusters and Cyberslot Megaclusters. Relax Gaming now has the correct license to be able to use this mechanism, and has a very different approach. At first glance, this game seems much clearer, which is mainly due to the smaller playing field. In this review we explain everything about this slot machine, and you will also find out what the differences are with other Megaclusters variants. Incidentally, it is no problem if you do not yet know the mechanism, because it will also become clear in this review.

PLay Kluster Krystals Megaclusters for free in demo

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game will be 96.49%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is high. A high volatility means that you win less frequently, but large amounts.

The Design

The game has a rather grim, dark background, to which the music is also tuned. The playing field consists of a stone fence on both the left and right sides, and a small staircase leads to it from the bottom. Furthermore, the playing field itself consists of 5×5 squares and is therefore reasonably clear. To the left of the playing field you will find the ‘tumble wins', or all combinations you make within 1 bet. This is due to the well-known Avalanche Feature that is active. All other options such as the bet choice, the ‘spin' button, autoplay function, and settings can be found on the right. At the bottom you see 3 more amounts that show your balance, your profit, and your bet.

How does Kluster Krystals Megaclusters work?

Under this heading, we will take a closer look at the Megacluster mechanism. The goal is to make combinations by forming clusters. Clusters are adjacent symbols, so it can be left, right, bottom, or top. These clusters must of course be formed with the same symbol. You form a cluster by involving at least 8 times the same symbol in your combination, which sounds quite impossible on such a small playing field. However, 1 spot on the field can contain up to 4x 1 symbol. So singles, doubles, triples, and quads variants can appear. This again means that you can already form a combination with 2 adjacent symbols of 4x. The more symbols you include in your cluster, the higher your prize. Before you start, you will only have to choose a bet from the range of 0.10 and 100  per spin.

The Symbols & Payouts

In terms of symbols, it is actually quite simple. There are 5 different ‘normal' symbols with which you can form the clusters. Below we distinguish them per color and you can see how much they yield with different sizes of combinations:

8+ 11+ 13+ 16+ 18+ 20
Green 0.30 1.- 3.- 5.- 7.50 20.-
Blue 0.30 1.- 3.- 5.- 7.50 20.-
Purple 0.40 1.20 4.- 7.50 10.- 30.-
Pink 0.40 1.20 4.- 7.50 10.- 30.-
Red 0.70 1.50 5.- 9.- 15.- 50.-

In addition to these normal symbols, you have the multipliers (more on this below) and the bonus symbols. You can unlock the free spins with these last symbols.

Avalanche Feature + Symbol Upgrade

The Avalanche Feature is the same as the Cascading Reels feature. This means that the symbols disappear from winning clusters to make way for new symbols. This gives you the chance of new combinations within the same turn. This process continues until you no longer form a winning cluster. However, there is an extra advantage to the winning combinations. The adjacent symbols will be upgraded with 1 extra symbol. So a single becomes a double, a double becomes a triple, and so on. This also gives you a greater chance of new combinations.


Multipliers ensure that the amount won is multiplied by a certain amount. They come in 6 shapes in this game: x1, x2, x3, x4, x5, and x10. However, the multipliers also participate in the upgrade described above. So when the multipliers adjoin winning clusters, they will be upgraded. At the end of the Avalanche Feature, so as soon as you stop making a winning combination, the multipliers are added to your total win amount.

3 Random Features

There are three small features that you are guaranteed to unlock after 6 Avalanches:

  • Krystal Vanish: This feature chooses one of the normal symbols and removes it from the playing field. So more chance of combinations because there are fewer different symbols.
  • Krystal Boost: All ‘normal' symbols in the playing field are upgraded from 1. Singles become doubles, doubles become triples, and so on.
  • Krystal Kut: All single ‘normal' symbols will be removed from the reels. More chance of combinations because symbols only appear in plural.

Kluster Krystals Megaclusters Bonus Round

You can unlock the free spins bonus round with the bonus symbol. However, it works slightly differently than normal. You have to upgrade a bonus symbol until it is complete. This means that it must be next to winning combinations a number of times. So if it consists of 4 parts, you will receive 7 free spins for this. If you manage to create another full bonus symbol during the bonus round, you will receive 4 spins.

Max win & Rating

The maximum profit is 9,921x your stake at Kluster Krystals Megaclusters. With a maximum bet of 100 per spin, this means 992,100 as the maximum profit. A gigantic amount that is heading towards a million. Furthermore, the game gets 4/5 stars, and it is even close to the maximum score.


We like to discover games with this even less known mechanism anyway. Because Megaways games are so incredibly popular, we expect something good from these games every time. The good score is mainly due to the fact that Relax Gaming has completely drawn its own plan and has not delivered a copy of the predecessors of BTG. The game is basically very clear, which is mainly due to the small playing field and not too many different symbols. In addition, there are nice features and we are especially impressed by the upgrades that keep coming back as an important game element. Highly recommended!

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