Hypernova Megaways Slot Review

Hypernova Megaways is an online slot from Reel Play. Formerly also known as Chance Interactive Games. And it's good that Reel Play adds that to the intro, otherwise we would not have known it either. But there is enough money in cash to buy in the official rights to use the Megaways mechanism. Big Time Gaming slots are hot and that is mainly due to the Megaways. As a result, competitors run the door flat to beg (read: to pull the wallet) to be allowed to use Megaways as well. And that in turn leads to a tsunami of Megaways slots in the online casino. That not every Megaways slot machine is a hit, Hypernova Megaways shows.

Hypernova Megaways Slot

How to play at Hypernova Megaways Slot?

We have written a nice article about how Megaways slots work. For those who don't know yet, in short. You play on a six-reel play screen. Each spin is randomly determined how many symbols each reel has. In the best case, there are seven per reels. That gives you the fabulous number of 117,649 ways-to-win. You win if you have a symbol on at least three consecutive reels. The leftmost reel must be the first reel of the combination. And do you have multiple winning symbols on one reel? Then you can multiply. For example, suppose you have 2 winning symbols on each reel, then that counts as 64 winning combinations. And do you have three on one of the reels? Then you have 96 winning combinations. When you win, the winning symbols disappear from your screen. The symbols above it fall down. New symbols appear on the blank spots.

How to play Hypernova Megaways Slot?

In short, you play with 20 credits per spin. The minimum bet is € 0.20 and you play with € 0.01 per credit. Because you can win so much and online casinos prefer not to go bankrupt with a single spin, the maximum bet on most Megaways slots is limited. Similarly on Hypernova Megaways. You can play a maximum of € 50 per spin. A credit is then worth € 2.50.

Symbols and payouts

Reel Play has opted for a Starburst-like setting. If there ever comes a Starburst Megaways (or Starburst Gigaways, as NetEnt wants to call it), this is the basis. NetEnt will undoubtedly pull the graphics tighter. Dcsa You will have to spin a lot of winning combinations with playing cards at the same time to make something out of it. The green, blue and red gems provide a little more. It will only be really fun when you combine combinations with the (transparent) diamond. That is good for 100 credits (5 times your bet per spin) per combination with 5. And as we wrote earlier, the number of winning combinations can yaw up fast if you spin multiple diamonds per reel. You can also play Wilds on the top reel.

Symbols and payouts

Jackpot Respins

Just like many “land-based slots” and, for example, El Dorado Infinity Reels, Hypernova Megaways also has fixed jackpots. Reach it by playing for the jackpots in the Jackpot Respins. You trigger these Jackpot Respins by spinning the “Hypernova” symbol at least six times. You start with 3 Jackpot Respins. All Hypernova symbols remain and all other positions rotate. Do you spin one or more extra Hypernova symbols? Then the number of Jackpot Respins still to be spun is reset to three. These extra twisted Hypernova symbols will also remain on your screen. And don't you play one? Then you have lost a Jackpot Respin. This feature is a bit like the “Sticky Win” mechanism of Jack Hammer, Jack Hammer 2 and Long Pao. The prizes will be added after the last Jackpot Respin. Every Hypernova symbol contains a prize. That can be an amount of money or one of the jackpots. The main prize of the Jackpot Respins feature is the Platinum Jackpot, good for 2,000 times your bet.

Jackpot Respins

What do we think of the Hypernova Megaways slot machine?

While playing Hypernova Megaways, the feeling quickly disappears. Hypernova Megaways does have the Jackpot Respins with prizes up to 2,000 times your bet, but a little Megaways fan doesn't do it for that. A bonus with a progressive multiplier is missing. So one that can infinitely run up and you – if you're lucky – can make very big profits. That is why Hypernova Megaways has become a somewhat weak slot. A waste of money that Reel Play has invested in the purchase of the official Megaways license from Big Time Gaming.

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