Holy Diver Megaways Slot Review

Nowadays, Megaways Slots are released one after another. Besides the licensed Megaways Slots, Big Time Gaming is still releasing new slots itself as well. One of their latest creations is the Holy Diver Megaways Slot, called after the Heavy Metal superhit of rockband Dio. It can truly be said that this slot is one of the best Megaways Slots until now, which has everything to do with the unique Reel Adventure mechanics. This feature makes it possible for you to upgrade your game, thus allowing for even more chances of winning. Moreover, Holy Diver Megaways is already known for it high potential and ultra high variance!

Holy Diver Megaways Slot

How to play at Holy Diver Megaways Slot?

Holy Driver is played on six reels, which can fit 7 symbols each. The slot itself is a fusion of many things, being played in the dark ages, however, with sunny blue skies. Although Big Time Gaming started working on it simultaneously with Bonanza, it was not completed until now. Besides the unique Reel Adventure concept, there are a 117.649 ways to win in the basic game, up to a number of 581.971 in one of the other levels. Six of the same gems will pay out 2 to 15 times your bet. And, six of the same playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A will pay out 0,5 to 1,5 times your bet. The minimum bet for this slot is €0,10, whereas the maximum bet is €20. Moreover, it operates an RTP of 96,39% up to 96,54%.

How to play at Holy Diver Megaways Slot?

Free Spins bonus and Shield of Fortune

During the regular game a knight will be moving along a path. When crossing a treasure chest, he will make it reveal one of the 4 reel modifiers. Those gems will eventually activate the Free Spins Bonus, to win the bonus you need 1 gem of each color, so four in total. The knight's shield will reveal which colours you already collected and how many more you need. After that, you will get the choice between accepting the bonus or entering the next level. In total, there are three levels. The higher you will get, the bigger the potential wins. The bonus feature levels are as follows:

  • 1: 117.649 ways to win + wilds with a x1 multiplier
  • 2: 396.900 ways to win + wilds with a x2 multiplier
  • 3: 586.971 ways to win + wilds with a x3 multiplier

During the Free Spins all gems at the reels are wilds and have a multiplier of x1 and x3, depending of the level that you're at. Also, the knight will once and again be moving down the reels to collect diamonds for you. His task is to gain as many as possible, because each diamond will give you +1 free spin and every five diamonds will give you +8 free spins. And remember: the higher the level, the more Holy Driver pays you!

Holy Diver Megaways Free Spins Bonus

The newest feature of all: Reel Adventure!

Reel adventure is a mechanism through which you can add an extra level to the game in many different ways. For instance, this can occur through mystery bonuses, achieving levels or upgrading Free Spins Bonuses. A completely new dimension will be added to the game and as a player your choices are responsible for what is going to happen during the game. That means, you can choose to go for the potentially bigger wins, or be satisfied with what you've got!

Free Spins bonus and Shield of Fortune

Reasons to play at Holy Diver Megaways Slot

If you're already a fan of Big Time Gaming Megaways slot, than Holy Diver Megaways is going to blow you away! This slot is a great addition to the Megaways series as it offers a chain of events to suit your preferences for big win potential. It's a truly unique experience and the Reel Adventure mechanics is an innovative concept that will keep most players fully entertained. Also, the bonus feature and Shield of Fortune allow you to have the chance of winning in 586.971 ways! Besides that, it is called after the Heavy Metal superhit of rockband Dio.

Ways to win!

Holy Diver Megaways Slot takes winning to a whole new level! The bonus feature knows three levels, which you can reach one after another. If you will get to the bonus level depends on the Shield of Fortune. After collecting gems in four different colours, you will get the choice between accepting the bonus or entering the next level. Climbing up to the last level means that there will be a 586.971 ways to win. The higher you will get, the more you might win!

Holy Diver Megaways Slot Demo Play

You can easily find a demo play version of Holy Diver Megaways Slot at online casinos or just by searching on the internet. For the demo version there is no need for a registered account, you can just play freely. The Holy Diver Megaways Slot demo version makes it possible for you to figure out whether you like it or not, and to get familiar with most innovative features!

Mobile version of Holy Diver Megaways Slot

Besides playing on a desktop, you can play the Holy Driver Slot using your tablet or smartphone. It doesn't matter on which device you decide to play, you will always have the samen entertaining gaming experience. Also, all graphics and special features will be available on mobile devices as well.

Our overall assessment of Holy Diver Megaways Slot

Big Time Gaming has done the best they could to create a completely new and unique experience for players with one of their newest Megaways Slots. The Holy Driver Slot takes you back to the dark ages, at which brave knights will be on side and help you to gain extra prizes, additional multipliers and the maximum number of bonus scatters. And if you cooperate with him well enough you might even get up to the third bonus level, which makes it possible to win at 586.971 different ways!


  • A slot provided by Big Time Gaming
  • RTP: 96,39% – 96,54%
  • Minimum bet: €0,20
  • Maximum bet: €20
  • High variance slot
  • 117.649 ways of winning, up to 581.971 in the bonus round!
  • Maximum win: 20.000 times your bet!

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