Diamond Mine All Action Megaways Slot Review

Diamond Mine All Action Megaways is a new version of the popular Diamond Mine Extra Gold Megaways slot from Blueprint Gaming. The “All Action” part of the title refers to the fact that there is no basic game. You always buy in directly for the bonus round and then (if desired) use the gamble feature and ultimately play the free spins bonus. Purchasing for the bonus round is quite expensive: you can buy bonus rounds of 20, 40, 60, 80 or 100 euros.

Why did Blueprint Gaming choose to abandon the entire basic game?

We think it has to do with the decision of the UK Gambling Commission to ban games with a Buy a Bonus Feature. So, according to the new rules, you can no longer skip the basic game and buy a bonus. But what if there is no more basic game and only a free spins round? Exactly, then technically it is no longer a Buy a Bonus Feature: the bonus game has become the basic game. A very expensive one, but there is (still) no rule that says that this construction is prohibited. With Diamond Mine All Action Megaways, Blueprint Gaming is clearly pushing the limits of what is permissible.

We will update you on any updates to the buy a bonus feature ban here at Megaways Casino.

Diamond Mine All Action Megaways

How to play at Diamond Mine All Action Megaways Slot?

Diamond Mine All Action is therefore actually Diamond Mine sans the basic game.

Furthermore, everything is largely the same:

  • Up to 117,649 Megaways
  • Free spins with progressive multipliers
  • High variance
  • Win up to 10,000 x the bet
  • Falling “Avalanche” symbols
  • Mystery symbols

How to play at Diamond Mine All Action Megaways Slot?

Free spins bonus

To determine how many free spins you enter the game, you have to go through two steps. The first step is to determine what your starting number of free spins is. For this you can blast one of five dynamite bars. You now win a mystery number of up to 20 free spins. You will then be given the choice to turn your free spins into more free spins in steps. Ultimately, it is possible to gamble up to 30 free spins, but beware. If you guess incorrectly in the initial phase, you can lose everything.

The gambling ladder looks like this:

  • Step 1: 0 or 12 spins
  • Step 2: 0 or 16 spins
  • Step 3: 8 or 20 spins
  • Step 4: 12 or 24 spins
  • Step 5: 16 or 30 spins

Of course you are not obliged to use the gamble feature: you can use your free spins at any time and try to get a nice payout. After every winning spin, the multiplier is permanently increased by +1. 3 or 4 gold bags on the top roll give you +5 and +10 extra spins respectively.

gamble feature

What do we think of Diamond Mine All Action?

Diamond Mine All Action is something new. Are you a low bet Megaways slot aficionado, who has the patience to invest hundreds if not thousands of spins to win a bonus round? Then Diamond Mine All Action will not be for you and you better choose the original Diamond Mine.

But are you an impatient, high-stakes player who wants to get straight to the heart of the game without hassle? Then this is a very suitable slot.

The payout percentage of 97.03% is also extremely high: online slots that pay out more than 97% on average have become increasingly rare.

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