Cyberslot Megaclusters Review

Since the beginning of this month (December 7, 2020), Cyberslot Megaclusters can be played in various online casinos! It is a game developed by the great Big Time Gaming, and it is already the second game with the Megaclusters principle. You can consider this mechanism as the successor to the popular Megaways mechanism, of which many games can be played. The first variant that BTG released with the Megaclusters mechanism was Star cluster Megaclusters, which you may have played. In this review you will learn everything about this fantastic game and mechanism!

RTP en Variance

The RTP, or return to player, for this game will be approximately 96.36%. This means that the casino returns this percentage of all bets back to the players. The volatility or variance is high. A high volatility means that you win less frequently, but large amounts.

The Design

The game is really beautifully designed and takes place in a kind of futuristic world, which you can also see well in the background. You also start with a playing field of 3 by 3 large squares, with which a lot can happen. This way 1 such square can eventually also turn into a 3×3 playing field. But you can read more about how it works below. All the options you have can be found at the bottom of the screen, such as your bet determination, the settings, the autoplay function, and the ‘spin' button.

How does Cyberslot Megaclusters work?

So you start on a playing field of 3×3 squares, of which at least 1 square is filled with a wild symbol. Then you try to form clusters of the same symbols. You need at least 5 of the same symbols to form such a cluster. Symbols must adjoin horizontally or vertically. If you succeed in forming such a cluster, all squares containing 1 of the relevant symbols will turn into 9 little symbols. A square now has its own playing field of 3×3 little squares. When you include these smaller symbols in a combination, they fall off the playing field and are replaced by new symbols. So squares are only ‘spun' again if they change from large to small symbols, and this process continues until you no longer make winning combinations. First you need to determine an amount that you bet per spin. For this you can choose between a number of values ​​between a minimum of 0.20 euros and a maximum of 20 euros.

The Symbols & Payouts

Below is an overview of the various symbols that have been placed in a number of categories above. In addition, some additional information about how they work and appearance follows:

  • There are 7 different ‘normal' symbols, which consist of crystals and you can distinguish them by their color. From low to high they consist of turquoise, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, and purple. For a combination of 25 of the same symbols you get 10x (turquoise and yellow), 20x (orange and green), and 25x (blue, red, purple) your bet back respectively.
  • There are also three wild symbols, consisting of the regular, the roaming, and the golden roaming wilds. The first replaces all other symbols, except the roaming wilds. Roaming wilds simply replace all other symbols, and the golden roaming wilds are always present.

There is no bonus symbol as you unlock the bonus round by making consecutive combinations!

The Golden Roaming Wild

You will see this symbol appear on one of the squares with every spin. Also, it will always carry a multiplier of x1, which will add up for each winning combination you form with it. You will also see that the wild symbol always moves to a different space, causing 9 new symbols to appear in its old position.

Cyberslot Megaclusters Bonus Feature

You can earn 6 free spins by forming 12 winning combinations in a row in the basic game. A nice touch is that the bonus game is played on a field of 81 squares, as it expands! The multiplier of the golden roaming wild described above is carried over to the bonus game. If it is very high, you will benefit even more from this. In addition, you get 2 extra spins from the game if you reach multiplier x10 or a multiple of 10, like x20 or x30. With the multipliers being so high, the prizes can also be huge!

Max win & Rating

The maximum win is 23,960x your stake, and the game is rated 4/5 stars from us!


The main reason for the good score is the fact that we think the Megacluster mechanism is really cool and refreshing. Finally there is a new variant! In addition, the many wilds give you a good chance of winning big prizes, especially in the bonus round! The details such as the fantastic design and good RTP are also top notch. Hence this excellent score.

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