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ReelPlay was only opened in 2014 and is therefore a relatively new player in the gambling market. At the time, the company was founded under the name Chance Interactive, which was adjusted 5 years later. In 2019, ReelPlay's name officially became their new company name. ReelPlay develops high-quality slots and tries to storm the top of this market. In this review we look at a number of characteristics how good they already are, and how good they can still become.


ReelPlay, founded and established in Australia, attaches great importance to a number of things, of which the quality is paramount. Below we will discuss, for example, the 3D elements and the use of the HTML technology, which contribute to the overall quality of the games. Partly because of this, the gameplay and graphics are always more than sufficient. They are also always looking for unique and new game elements (Infinity Reels), and they have the right licenses. All things that together ensure good and assured quality.

3D elements & HTML5

Nowadays the games from ReelPlay have both a beautiful 3D design and the HTML5 technology. The former (3D elements) provide a better and more fun experience for the players because the game simply looks better. It adds an extra dimension. In addition, the HTML5 technology ensures that the games can be played on all devices. It does not matter whether you play on your laptop, tablet or smartphone. This allows you to enjoy these games anytime, anywhere, without any problems.

Infinity Reels

Infinity Reels is a game mechanism developed by ReelPlay. In the gambling world every now and then comes one innovation through it that actually changes the entire industry. This can be in the form of certain game features such as the Cascading Reels, but also in the form of the entire game mechanism. For example, we last saw the latter with the Megaways mechanism. In addition to the many paylines, the number of symbols per reel differs. The idea with this feature is that the number of roles can be expanded. The funny thing is that so far games have been made that genuinely have not set a limit on roles. Obviously it is almost impossible to get above a certain number of roles, but they keep the possibility open.

Takeover of mechanism

Another recurring phenomenon in the gambling world is the rapid adoption of innovations by the competition. To fall back on the Megaways mechanism: This was developed by Big Time Gaming and in no time competitors had the right licenses to make their own variants. This will also be the case with Infinity Reels, and there are already far-reaching developments regarding Relax Gaming and Netent, for example.


Above it was already shown with taking over the right licenses to make Infinity Reels games, but ReelPlay works with many competitors. This is pretty common in the gambling world anyway. In addition to the fact that innovations often spread like wildfire, you also see collaborations for other reasons. On their website you will see a lot of partners that are divided into 4 categories: Operators (such as Betsson), Development partners (such as NextGen Gaming), Aggregators, and Media. So you see that collaborations are important in all areas and play a major role in the gambling world.

ReelPlay Megaways Games

Despite their short existence, ReelPlay is quite active in the Megaways Casino games department. This is also not entirely illogical given the fact that the Megaways mechanism is even shorter. To be able to develop these games, they must have a license from Big Time Gaming, whichever they have. So far they have released 4 pieces that we have put together in a short list below.

Best Free Play ReelPlay Slots


ReelPlay has only been the official name of this game provider since 2019 and they are working hard to become a very big player in this market. The quality of the games and the underlying technology are central, and they have also developed their own game mechanism. The latter is expected to be a real hit in the gambling world. Finally, they also do a lot of collaborations with parties in all kinds of differences. This is only good for the reach and their knowledge. A promising game provider!