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Among the big names in the gambling world are countless smaller game providers. Red7 is a great example of this, and you may not have heard of it. However, Red7 has been active since 2011. They are based in Bristol (United Kingdom) and are still based here. In their 10 years of existence they may not have built up the most famous name, but this is also due to the activities they carry out. It is not a game provider that continuously produces slots, but is more focused on the technologies behind them. In this review we will discuss some of the important features of Red7.


As the introduction makes it fairly clear, it is not surprising if you have never heard of Red7. This is mainly because Red7 specializes in the technologies of the games and can therefore be very valuable for the major players in the market. This is a completely different strategy and method than most game providers have in mind. However, they also develop their own games, including Slots and Table games.


Speaking of technologies, the games of Red7 are almost all equipped with the HTML5 technology. You will hear this term more often, because it is used more and more. Simply put, it makes the games work perfectly on all different devices. It does not matter whether you play on a computer, laptop or mobile phone. Quality and proper functioning are thus assured, so you can enjoy your games everywhere.

Scientific Games

In 2017, Red7 was taken over by the large Scientific Gaming. Scientific Gaming is a very big name in the gambling world, who are often looking for these types of acquisitions. The entire staff of Red7 was taken over and it was really seen as an extension of knowledge and resources. The figures for the quarters immediately after the acquisition therefore show that this acquisition has turned out successfully.

Online Sportsbooks

One of the striking features is that Red7 is very active in the technology behind the sportsbooks, or betting on sports. They develop this software and apps for large, well-known parties that are active in this. You can think of ‘real-time scoreboards' or certain predictors of sports matches. This is another characteristic that shows that they have a lot of knowledge in terms of technologies.


A logical continuation of all that knowledge of the technologies and processes behind the games is high innovativeness. The games that Red7 developed always have innovative and unique features and features. In addition, the quality is generally insanely high.

Game Selection

From the above pieces you could already see that Red7 not only produces slots, but also other games. They are also very active in the field of table games and so-called ‘instant win' games. A few examples of slots developed by Red7 are ‘Raging Rhino Megaways' and ‘Pride and Prey'. It is immediately noticeable when you look up these games that you see other game providers than Red7. This is because it is made in collaboration, and this is the reason why you may not know the name Red7 directly. You will often see Scientific Games or WMS, and Red7 is mentioned somewhere. This is because Red7 is especially strong in the background.

Megaways Games

As we indicated above, there are several Megaways games that have been developed in collaboration with Red7, but where you often do not immediately see the name of this game provider. That is why it is sometimes difficult to say in which games Red7 has had a share. Nevertheless, we try below to give a list of Megaways games to which Red7 has contributed, often in collaboration with, for example, WMS:

There will undoubtedly be more variants to which they have added and we expect more variants in the future.

Table Games

They also offer a fairly wide choice in terms of table games. With table games you may think of variations on classics such as Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker.

Instant Win Games

The last category in which they are quite active are the so-called Instant Win Games. These are games where you actually do nothing and you immediately know whether you win. Maybe a bell will ring when we say scratch cards.

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Red7 is a game provider that has been around for about 10 years now, but has a relatively unknown name. This is because Red7 is often specialized in the technological processes in the background. Because of this, they work with many big names, which you will encounter before the name of Red7. For example, they were taken over by Scientific Gaming some time ago. Red7 is also active in 3 categories: Slots, Table Games, and Scratch Cards. A very interesting company!