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Officially Playson has been an existing company since 2012. However, the first official games were only released in 2014, after which it started immediately. In those first 2 years of existence, they mainly focused on creating a good foundation. One of the activities that took place at the time was entering into partnerships with larger game providers in the market. With this they wanted to gain the necessary experience and knowledge, and also increase their reach. You can read more about these collaborations later in this review. We also discuss a number of other important features of this young game provider.

Spread throughout Europe

Playson is officially incorporated in Malta, where its headquarters are located. However, Playson has already managed to conquer a large part of Europe due to the rapid advance. They have now also set up a location in eastern Europe. They are also active in the UK, Ukraine, and Greece.

Good Quality & Innovation

Playson is a relatively young casino that has only been active for 6 years, but has already gained a good name. We actually see 2 important reasons for this. The first is the fact that the quality of the games is just very good, and we mainly refer to the graphics (how the game looks) and the gameplay (how it works). Both factors are crucial for a good slot machine. Partly due to the short existence they have not released many games yet, but they are all of top quality. In addition, Playson is fairly innovative and they try to pick up new hypes quickly. We mainly see these aspects in the features and bonus rounds of games. This is often the way to add an extra dimension to your games, in addition to a good basis and quality of course.

HTML5 & 3D Games

Because Playson has applied the technology of HTML5 for all games, they have been able to take big steps. To keep it simple: This ensures, among other things, that the games are perfectly playable on almost all devices. In addition, 3D elements can be easily added and work well on, for example, mobile devices. The quality of the graphics is simply very high and it really adds something to the games. This is a very useful feature of Playson, especially in the current time with the great competition.


In the introduction we mentioned the fact that in their first years of existence they put a lot of time into setting up partnerships. And they are still setting up a lot of collaborations. For example, they have collaborations with NYX Gaming Group and MicroGaming Quickfire. In addition, Hero Gaming and the Betsson Group are also names that you will see again. These are all large groups and organizations, with which Playson only manages to strengthen its company. We expect many more from this type of collaboration in the future.

Game Selection

There are actually 2 game categories in which Playson is active, namely the slots and the table games. According to the official Playson website, 69 different slots have already been developed, which is quite a reasonable number in 6 years of production. In addition, 6 table games have been released, 3 of which are Roulette and 3 Blackjack games. The growth of the games is expected to increase exponentially, so that the game selection will expand faster than it has done so far. This is partly due to the collaborations with other companies, but also due to the experience and growth of the company.

Megaways Slots

Playson is therefore very active in the field of collaborations and therefore it is only logical that they also develop Megaways games, all of which you can play for free here at Megaways Casino. By having the correct license (from Big Time Gaming) they are now also allowed to develop their own games that use this game mechanism. Also in terms of Megaways games, Playson is still in the beginning of their development, given that only 1 variant has been developed so far. This variant is entitled ‘Legend of Cleopatra Megaways' and is a great game in itself. However, it has few innovative features and other things, so the game was considered to be fairly standard. We are therefore curious what Playson will bring in the field of Megaways games in the future!

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Playson has been around since 2012 and has only really been active in the gambling world since 2014. Despite their short existence, they are starting to become an established name. This is partly due to the use of HTML5 and 3D elements so that the games can be played at top quality on almost all devices. In any case, the graphics and gameplay are of good quality. Quality over quantity certainly applies to Playson. Until now they mainly focus on slots and table games. In addition, they enter into many collaborations in various areas. You can expect a lot in the future.