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NextGen Gaming

Nextgen Gaming is a gaming provider of gambling games that has been active in this for more than 20 years. Since 1999 they have developed a huge number of well-known slots. It all started in Australia. Since the online gambling world has only been around since 1994, you could say they got there early. So it is certainly an achievement that they are still a well-known and high-performing game developer. In this review we will highlight some of the most important points about this game provider. Of course, the range of games is also discussed and you will see what the best games are!

NYX Gaming Group

In 2011 NextGen Gaming was acquired by NYX Gaming Group. This was actually a merger with NYX Interactive, resulting in the aforementioned name. This does not mean that you will not see the name of NextGen Gaming anywhere else. Since then, the head office has been in the UK, and they also have two offices in Stockholm (Sweden) and Sidney (Australia).

Scientific Gaming

It should be noted that another takeover took place in 2018. Scientific Gaming took over NYX Gaming Group 3 years ago (2018). This acquisition gives them virtually all the licenses they could need, which is a positive development.

Only Slots

Remarkable is the fact that NextGen Gaming has only produced slots over the years. This means that you do not have to expect table games or other game categories from this game provider. Nevertheless, we think this is a shame and it says something about the versatility of the organization. However, the focus is completely on the slots, which can lead to the necessary specialism.

Branded Slots

We have seen the Branded Slots before. These are slots based on movies or TV shows. The theme and name therefore often correspond and it immediately attracts a high popularity. With Branded Slots from NextGen you can think of games like KingKong Fury and James Dean.

High RTPs

NextGen Gaming games generally have variable RTPs, which is not entirely illogical considering so many games have been developed. However, they are generally quite high, and there are even some exceptional outliers. For example, there are a handful of games that exceed 97%, with an absolute top match of 99.9% (Jackpot Jester). Almost all games are in terms of RTP between 95% and 98%, which gives them an excellent average. The average of the entire industry is often estimated to be around 96%. NextGen Gaming does not disappoint you in this area.

Nice Features and Innovativeness

NextGen Gaming is a gaming provider that has received a lot of criticism and compliments over the years. Given their long existence, they certainly do things well, and always grow with the times. Not all games have been a resounding success, but they can learn from this too. Innovation is an important point within the organization and the main reason for its continued success. A strong point of NextGen games are fun and changing features in the slots. In addition to the overall quality of the game, this is the most important and the easiest to distinguish yourself.

Best Free Play NextGen Gaming Slots


NextGen Gaming is a big name among game providers and this is mainly because they have been around for more than 20 years. However, they cannot continuously tap the high level of other old game providers such as Microgaming, and there is also sometimes a less game in between. Also variety of game categories is a bit poor, as they only develop slots. On the other hand, the slots are always provided with a very reasonable RTP, with some exceptional outliers. All in all, a good game provider that is still at the top due to innovation and growth.