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If you occasionally play a game of gambling, you have most likely seen the name of Netent. Netent is a very big player among game providers, and like Microgaming, for example, has been active since the 1990s. In 1996 this Swedish company officially started working as a game provider and developer of gambling games. However, history goes back much further than is often thought. Before that it was active in the land-based casino world, but under a different name (Cherry). Incidentally, ‘Netent' has only been the official name since 2015, where it was previously ‘Net Entertainments'. Due to its long existence and the year of its foundation, you can be sure that Netent has been one of the founders of the online gambling industry.

One of the first

The online gambling world has been officially active since 1994, when Microgaming launched the first platform. Since Netent (as Net Entertainment) entered this industry in 1996, they too can certainly be considered one of the first game providers. Netent is thus again one of the founders that is still one of the largest thanks to continuous innovation.

Extremely popular

Netent games are very popular among gamblers, and for good reason. The core of their strategy is continuous innovation. As a result, fun games with unique game elements come out time and again. In addition, Netent has built up a good reputation with its rich history of fantastic slots and has won the full trust of its players. In addition, the games are generally very good from a qualitative point of view, and they score very stable on this.


It has already been mentioned above, but the core value of the company Netent is continuous innovation. Given their long history and their steadfast position at the top, this is also a requirement. They still show time and again that their games have enough creativity and originality. This is mainly reflected in the features of the games, but also in how quickly they absorb and apply new things.

Very varied range of games

Of course the games that Netent develops are the most important. They have then also developed a wide variety of game types over the years. As always, most games are slots, but that's certainly not all. In the meantime, they are already on more than 200 games, and every month there are 1 or 2 new games! On their website we find that in addition to video slots, they also develop live casino games. Evolution Gaming is by far the largest player in the field of live casino games, but Netent is a nice second place. In addition, under ‘game types' we find the following categories: Branded games, Jackpots, Table games, Blackjack, Roulette. So there are also many table games developed by Netent.

Progressive Jackpots

A popular game mechanism is that of the Progressive Jackpot. Naturally, Netent also has a certain number of games that are connected to this. You should think of this as a Jackpot that starts at a certain amount, and a small part of all bets on the connected slots complement this. This continues until the Jackpot falls once. Here you have another difference between local and pooled Jackpots. Local Jackpots can only be won within 1 casino. Pooled Jackpots are affiliated, as the name suggests, at several casinos.

Netent's Megaways Slots

Netent is one of the largest software providers within the gambling world and of course also active in the field of Megaways games. This popular game mechanism is a great success and all major game developers are happy to adopt it. Below we give a list of the Megaways games that Netent has developed so far. As you will see, they have only developed a few games in the Megaways area so far, but we expect a lot more in the future.

Best Free Play Netent Slots


Netent is one of the largest and above all one of the most popular game providers at the moment. This is certainly an achievement given their long existence and the fact that they can even be seen as one of the founders of the industry. The main reason for this is that they always and still continue to innovate and thus develop unique games. The quality of the games is invariably very good. Megaways Casino expect Netent to be at the top for years to come.