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Microgaming was founded in 1994, and has been active in the online gambling world for more than 26 years. At the time, this world of course looked very different. In fact, you could say that this world did not exist at all at the time, since Microgaming was one of the founders. Microgaming is still one of the bigger players in the gambling world and are one of Megaways Casino's favourite developers. In this review, we will discuss the most important and noteworthy features of this game provider. This will help you figure out why this is such a big name.

One of the first

The intro already shows that Microgaming has a great history and is one of the founders of the online gambling world. You could even describe them as the first game provider to operate in this world. Microgaming, located in Isle of Man, developed the first gambling software that actually functioned as it should. So this happened in 1994 on the Irish island. This turned out to be safe and reliable, and the transactions could be made securely. The great thing is that Microgaming has never since disappeared from the top of the game providers!

High quality designs

Of course, a market leader like Microgaming has a number of features that they certainly have. One of the more important points we think is the high quality of the design of the slots and other games. In any case, the games are of high quality and innovative. The latter feature provides the necessary originality and refreshment in the games. The table games that Microgaming developed are also of good quality, especially the graphics. This stability in quality ensures a professional and reliable appearance.

Wide variation in volatility

As many will know, the volatility of a gambling game says something about the frequency and size of the payouts. There is quite a lot of variation in this with the games from Microgaming. However, this is not surprising since Microgaming releases and has already released so many games. So you will see games with high, low and medium volatility. High volatility means that you win something less frequently, but larger amounts. In contrast, low volatility is the reverse of this.

Alternating RTP

For the same reason as mentioned above, the payout percentage (RTP) also varies considerably between different games. Let's say that most games are between 95% and 97%, most of which are higher than 96%. This is fine as the industry average is often estimated to be around 96%. However, there are still a number of significant outliers. There is a game with 98% RTP, namely Win Sum Dim Sum. There are also games that even drop below 90%, such as Major Millions Progressive (89%), Mega Moolah (88.12%), and Mega Moolah Isis (88%).

Big market share

You can safely consider Microgaming as one of the biggest players (if not the biggest) in the gambling industry. This is particularly evident from the large market share.

Wide variation in game types

Microgaming has already developed about 800 different games, looking at their website. Of course there is a lot of variation in the game types. A very large part of these consists of the well-known slot machines, but they are also very active in table games. On their website they distinguish the following categories: Bingo, Casual Game, Interactive, Poker, Progressive Slot, Roulette, Scratch Card, Slot, Table. So you see a number of other nice categories in addition to the slots and table games.

Megaways Slots

MicroGaming has not yet developed many Megaways games, partly because they have not had the license for that long. In addition, many games will state that they are developed by All41 Studios, but this party has very close relationships with MicroGaming. Hence their Megaways games are mentioned here. Below the list:

Best Free Play Microgaming Slots


So Microgaming is one of the founders and current market leaders within the gambling industry. With about 800 different games they provide an incredibly large range of games. These games can be found in a large number of different game categories. Because they develop so many games, there are also differences in the volatility and RTP of the games in addition to the game type. The main reason they are still at the top of the world is the fact that the games are of excellent quality and they are still quite innovative. A real classic this!