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The Megaquads Mechanism

Most of you will be familiar with the ‘Megaways' mechanism by now, where there are tons of ways to win. This game mechanism was developed by Big Time Gaming, who released the first variant in 2016 (Dragon Born). As this became extremely popular, many other game providers have bought the rights so that they too can release megaways games. Now Big Time Gaming has an upgrade for this mechanism, and this is called the ‘Megaquads'. The idea behind this is that you end up with many more possible ways. This is one of the reasons that we expect an unprecedented popularity again.

What exactly is the Megaquads mechanisme?

With Megaquads games, unlike Megaways slots, you have four different, smaller playing fields. These playing fields each consist of 4 reels and 4 rows, and it is somewhat similar to Quads slots, which you may have played before. The difference with the latter slots, however, is that you do not just play on the separate playing fields. It is possible to merge two playing fields (8×4) or even all four playing fields, so that you play with a maximum of 8×8. The merge process often involves a particular feature, and can earn you big prizes. Slot Vegas Megaquads is basically the first variant, and this feature is called ‘Rainbow Wild Feature'. Merging 2 vertically adjacent playing fields, for example, yields 4096 ways to win. But a horizontal amalgamation will quickly get you 65536 ways!

How do you play a game using the Megaquads mechanisme?

So there are 4 playing fields of 4 reels and 4 rows, so each loose playing field has 256 ways to win. Since you just play on all 4 playing fields, you have 256×4 = 1024 ways to win in the starting situation. As you can read in the previous section, there are a different number of ways to win in a horizontal or vertical merge. When you create 2 horizontal merges, you have 65.536×2 = 131.072! The highest achievable is an amalgamation of all playing fields, with which you play with no less than (8x8x8x8x8x8x8x8) = 16,777,216 ways to win. But enough about the number of ‘megaways', because how do you achieve such a merger? This is often accompanied by a feature, when you spin a wild / scatter adjacent on two playing fields. Obviously this feature will differ per game, but this is the general idea behind it. Furthermore, this system does not work very differently from megaways in terms of forms of combinations or the achievement of bonus rounds. At least if we look at the first concept Slot Vegas Megaways.

Which Megaquads games have already been released?

Actually, there is currently only 1 Megaquads slot machine to play, which is of course Big Time Gaming. This game was released very recently, namely on August 28, 2020. The game contains many features, and also some that you may know from megaways slots. Given the fun game mechanism, we expect a similar popularity and therefore many other variants!

Where can I play Megaquads games?

If you are curious about where you can play this / these games anyway, it is best to go to casinos that work together with the provider. For this we have at least drawn up a list of 4 online casinos for you:

This will give you at least an idea of ​​a number of possibilities. You can also play the slots for free here at Megaways Casino.

Conclusion and Expectations

Because we are definitely a fan of Big Time Gaming and rely on their creativity, we expect nothing but a popular game mechanism. We did not expect a game to be developed where there are more possible ways to win. Because there are 4 playing fields, there is also room for extra / new features. Looking back at the development of the Megaways games, we also expect an increase in the number of game providers that will use this new mechanism!