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Max Win Gaming

Max Win Gaming is a relatively young game provider with a remarkable name. Officially this company has been active since 2015, but the first game only followed in 2019. The company was founded in Sofia, which is located in Bulgaria. Because they only released their first game in 2019, not many games have been developed yet. Because of this, there is still enough we do not know about this game provider. However, this also makes it very interesting to keep an eye on what the future will bring. In this review we will take a closer look at a number of specific features about this game provider.

Well chosen name

The name is quite remarkable, as we pointed out in the introduction to this review. With max win, people in the gambling world naturally think of the maximum amount you can win. With this name you will soon think that there are large amounts to be won on the slots of Max Win Gaming. Since internet searches are a big part of marketing these days, such a name is well chosen. ‘Max win' is a term that comes up in many gambling games and reviews. Every time this is part of someone's search, there is a chance that they will end up with something to do with this game provider.


We see frequent collaborations among gaming providers, and Max Win Gaming is no exception. Especially for young game providers it can be a useful way to gain experience and knowledge. In addition, it may increase your reach.

Relax Gaming

At the beginning of 2019, for example, a collaboration was entered into with the more famous Relax Gaming. By joining the strengths of both companies, better and more beautiful games can (hopefully) arise. The advantage of this cooperation for Max Win Gaming is mainly that the offering of its new games is via Relax Gaming.

Red Tiger Gaming

Another collaboration that Max Win Gaming has entered into in recent years is that with Red Tiger Gaming. The latter game provider is a big name in the gambling world and therefore a handy springboard for further growth.

Taking it slow

Max Win Gaming, unlike most new game providers, takes it easy with developing games. This is evident from the fact that the first game was only released in 2019, despite its foundation a few years earlier. In addition, only a handful of games have been released to date. You could say they prefer quality over quantity.

About their slots

Max Win Gaming mainly develops slots until now. This means that they are not yet very active in categories such as table games for example. What strikes us is that the slots have been very playful so far and are really created to deliver fun. In addition, try to develop unique slot machines by means of many and varied features. In the near future we expect mainly new slots, possibly developed in collaboration with other providers. Below you can read more about the best slots from Max Win Gaming.

Megaways Slots

Max Win Gaming also has a deal that allows it to develop Megaways games itself. They are still quite new in this area, so only a few games have been developed so far. To be precise, they have made two Megaways variants:

Best Free Play Max Win Gaming Slots


The conclusion is that the future must show how Max Win Gaming will develop. They are very young and have only just started in the gambling world. However, they show that they have the necessary quality in certain areas. In addition, they have already entered into partnerships with renowned game providers, which we certainly have confidence in. To date, the slots are of a high quality, and this is not expected to decrease in the future. We are curious how far they can reach.