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Kalamba is a very young casino that has only been active as a game developer in the gambling world since 2016. With only 4 years of experience, you would expect the company to be in its infancy. However, we see Kalamba doing great things and especially that they still have a lot of potential for the future. Kalamba is actually a Polish company and is based in krakow. However, it now also has a branch in Malta (Floriana), which is an important country in this world. In this review you will find out why we see Kalamba as a great talent and what their strengths are.

Lots of potential

As has become clear above, we think that Kalamba shows a lot of potential. This starts with the fact that it is still a very young game provider, which can become even stronger by gaining experience. In addition, the founders of the company are experienced men in various fields. By combining this knowledge, they can create very beautiful games in quality. Although it is still a small gaming provider, it has shown tremendous growth in recent years. Several collaborations have also been entered into with renowned players in this market. You can gain knowledge and experience from these collaborations, which is very positive for new companies. We are therefore very curious what they will bring in the future.


Besides the above mentioned things Kalamba is also a game provider that is always looking for new, unique game elements. Because of this innovative attitude, they often come up with beautiful things. Quality is also clearly more important than quantity with this game provider, looking at their releases. This quality is mainly created by continuous innovation. You can mainly think of new (bonus) features, but also different designs. Because there is already so much on offer, it is an art to still stand out.

Play for a long time pays off

This is a very remarkable and fun detail about the game elements that Kalamba uses. Often in games from Kalamba you will see that you will be rewarded if you play the game for a long time. Certain features and game elements have been developed in such a way that you have to save, for example. So you will benefit from this after you have collected a certain number. Normally, this takes a little more time than for unlocking normal features. The players are therefore inclined to keep playing the game longer, but they will also be rewarded for this. This can create a kind of win-win situation.

Almost only slots

Kalamba is mainly active in the development of slot machines. They are therefore not yet active in the field of table games or other game categories. They do, however, work together with various game providers so that they can occasionally offer table games or the like. This can of course be developed in the future, given their young existence.

Megaways Games

The Megaways game mechanic is used by many well-known game providers today, and Kalamba could be no exception. Because of this game mechanism there are many ways in which you can win because actually every possible combination forms a payline. Kalamba is still quite new in this area and has only released 1 Megaways game in their existence. The name of this is Machina Megaways, which often receives an average score (sufficient). In the future we hope and expect to see more variants from this game provider.

Best Free Play Kalamba Slots


We can conclude a number of things from the above article. First of all, Kalamba is a very young game provider that has been active since 2016. Based on the experience of the founders and what they have shown so far, we expect that they still have a lot of potential. This is also because they have shown so far to be very innovative in their game elements. Furthermore, there are many elements where you will be rewarded if you keep playing for a long time. So far Kalamba is mainly active in the development of innovative slots. The expert team here at Megaways.Casino expect a lot in the future.