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Gambling in Europe — how does it differ?

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Europe is a more liberal region when it comes to gambling; because it is legal there. Online casinos are well-liked because they are all governed by the Malta Gaming Authority, the European Gaming and BettingAssociation, and the UK Gambling Commission. The players are assured that their game will be 100% secure,fair, and regulated by all of these top-notch systems.

Why gambling in Europe is different?

Virtually all of Europe's nations permit both offline and online gaming. The gambling industry in Europe ishuge, accounting for 49% of the global market, and it's popular with gamblers. The popularity of onlinecasinos in European nations accounts for 23% of the continent's overall gambling market. The gaming marketis so large that, in 2022, it will generate more than 99 billion dollars in revenue.

This factor is related to legislation, popular sports, and the mentality of citizens. Here we will discuss howgambling in Europe differs from other countries.

Gambling laws in Europe

In the majority of Europe, gambling is legal. Because of this, many people believe that the continent is theglobal centre for gambling. The creation of national gambling regulations is not entirely within the control ofthe European Union. As long as they adhere to the fundamental freedoms and general conditions provided bythe Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, EU member states are autonomous and free to regulatedomestic gaming services (TFEU).

The majority of EU nations permit the sale of at least some games online. Some nations permit all forms ofgaming, but others only permit specific ones, including betting, poker, or casino games. Monopolistic regimesthat provide online gambling services have been formed in various European countries.

Online and offline casinos

In most European countries, you can find both online and offline legal gambling. Some European nations stillnot have legalized gambling such as Germany. Others have severe regulations that apply to both offline andonline gambling. For instance, strict regulatory systems are in place in the UK to control internet gambling.

As a result, the UK has authorized all forms of internet gambling, and it tightly regulates these operations.Any business or website that offers gaming and betting services to British nationals must first receiveauthorization from the UK Gambling Commission after fulfilling certain standards.

Additionally, consumers can go to real-world casinos throughout Europe to play games like poker, blackjack,roulette, and baccarat.

Illegal gambling in Europe

Since most forms of gambling—both offline and online—are legal in Europe, there is only a very limitedamount of illegal gaming. If a gambler's country forbids them from playing certain online games, they use avirtual proxy network to access websites that offer those games. Others play at online casinos located invarious nations. As an alternative, these gamers can go to land-based casinos that provide their preferredgames.

Modern European betting

In Europe, sports betting is very common. More than 70% of those who live in the EU have at least onceforecasted a sporting event. This is because new mobile technologies have emerged that enable you to placebets without leaving your house.

The dominance of internet bookies over physical betting shops is a characteristic of contemporary Europeanbetting. In addition, only adults over the age of 18 can bet in European nations. This guideline is applicable toboth offline and online services.

A massive gambling market

Investment in gaming benefits the entire industry because both the firm and the player have a better chanceof profiting from it. Football wagering is popular not only in Europe but also in other nations. The number ofgamblers in Europe has increased by over 50% as a result of the variety of betting alternatives, which hashelped casinos become more well-known and profitable.

The most popular sport in Europe is soccer, and many fans love to bet on the sport. Numerous bets are placedon online sports betting in Europe because football has such a large fan base.

Payment methods in Europe

Many gamblers in Europe place the ability to conduct quick and secure money transactions at the top of theirpriority list. A key feature that betters take into account is how simple it is to make deposits and getpayments. Because of this, we've compiled a list of some of the safest and quickest ways to pay at EUbookies. The most popular solutions in Europe are also these techniques. Paysafecard, Bitcoin, PayPal,Visa/MasterCard.


The gambling industry is quite developed in European nations. Better services are of the highest calibre, andfair sports wagering is legally guaranteed. Order is maintained through laws and the excellent work of stategambling regulators. You can find out more details on BestUK.

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