Top 10 Best Megaways Slots 2018

The success of the Megaways slot machines in irreversible and that is the reason the Megaways Casino team have compiled a Top 10 Best Megaways Slots 2018 Guide. That was in 2016 when Big Time Gaming came up with the Dragonborn slot machine. The players find it strange to gamble on this Megaways slot machine. Especially since the six rolls have alternating rows. With Dragon, there are a maximum of seven per roll. That yields a number of 117,469 options for winning combinations. That is without a doubt a huge number. Despite the amount of win manners, the players mainly ignored the Dragon slot machine.

The next attempt by Big Time Gaming with Starquest and Queen of Riches also proved unsuccessful. Yet with the arrival of these slot machines, a foundation has been laid for the success of the Megaways concept. The persistent must have thought Big Time Gaming. That is why a Megaways slot game was introduced and it finally turned out to be a major breakthrough. Bonanza Megaways has made an impression right from the start.


The slot game made an impression because of the overall picture with the combination of design, animation, gaming experience and win manners. The musical effect also caused a stir with the tune of the banjo that many players would rather not hear. The fact that Bonanza had two sets of roles in combination with win manners laid the basis for the success. The story is set in an old gold mine and the mine carts drive back and forth. All to bring you as a player profit.

Bonanza rose to the top and there is hardly a player who has not heard of it. Gambling on Bonanza Megaways suddenly became a hype and it has not blown away anymore. The enthusiasm continued with the arrival of the following Megaways slots. The success is matched with the arrival of White Rabbit and Extra Chilli. Or actually expanded even further thanks to the introduction of the special Feature Drop. Do you know what that feature is? With this you buy, as it were, access to the bonus round. This game feature immediately appealed to players and it is therefore not surprising that Megaways slot machines were gaining popularity.

Big Time Gaming and other providers

Big Time Gaming saw the success and decided in 2018 to involve other parties. For example, by making the unique concept available to a limited number of other developers. Relax Gaming, WMS and Blueprint Gaming were preferred. These providers were offered the opportunity to develop Megaways slots for a fee. From 2018, that has led to an increase in this type of slot machine. That has been another reason for us to put together a top 10 Megaways slot machines for the year 2018.

Top 10 Best Megaways Slots in 2018

Holy Diver Megaways

The Megaways slot machine Holy Diver from Big Time Gaming gets the first place in the top 10 2018 Megaways slot machines. This is not only due to the number of win ways that come out at 586,971 and the payout percentage between 96.39% and 96.54%. It also has to do with the Reel Adventure principle that is unique. That certainly compensates for the lack of the popular Feature Drop. The Reel Adventure concept brings the game of the Holy Diver slot machine to life.

How? You get the chance to collect bonuses or to score multipliers and get wilds. The nice thing about the Reel Adventure concept is that there is someone to help you. In this case, that is a knight from the Middle Ages who fights for you with soul and salvation. Have you won a bonus round? In that case it is up to you to play the bonus round. You also have the choice to continue and save for bonuses that are even better. The winning potential is huge. How about winning, for example, 20,000 times the stake?

The theme is full of adventures that you experience in the Middle Ages. The knight is loyal to you in all circumstances and works hard. This results in rewards for you and the knight is also active during the bonus round. Thanks to the Reel Adventure concept with the loyal knight, Holy Diver is number 1 in the top 10 Megaways slots 2018.

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Extra Chilli Megaways

The Extra Chilli slot machine is equipped with the Feature Drop. It is the first slot machine with the Feature Drop that has the highest position in the top 10 Megaways slot machines 2018. Big Time Gaming has developed the game that has 117,649 ways to win. The payout percentage between 96.15% and 96.82% has an excellent average.

The Feature Drop is not the only reason to give Extra Chilli a high position, which is also due to the increasing multipliers and the possibility to gamble again in the game. The gamble option is a feature that allows you as a player to create extra options, but also extra risk. The design is original with the hot peppers that make you gasp at certain moments. The increasing multipliers are just crazy, because you can make a profit with that. That is why Extra Chilli has been awarded a high position in the top 10 Megaways slots 2018.

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Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways

The originality of the Who Wants to be a Millionaire Megaways slot machine is surprising. It is one of the reasons to put the game in third place among the top 10 Megaways slots 2018. The number of ways to win is 117,649 and there is a payout percentage of 96.27%. That is fine. The original character of the game stems from the game show of the same name.

In it you have three help lines, such as the fifty-fifty opportunity, help from the public and calling in a friend. These are incorporated in the game of the slot machine and that makes it all so recognizable and original. The fact that the Feature Drop is not present therefore makes less difference. What can you expect? Increasing multipliers, free spins, guides and a game experience as if you were in the television show. You also have the chance to earn a lot of money, such as 10,000 times your bet.

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White Rabbit with Feature Drop Megaways

White Rabbit is a Megaways slot machine that is equipped with the Feature Drop. With this you as a player partly take control of your destiny. The slot machine with a payout percentage of 97.39% has been launched by Big Time Gaming and has 248,832 ways to win. The theme is based on the fairy tale of Alice in Wonderland. Are you not so fond of the fairy tales? Then it is still advisable to gamble on White Rabbit. Just for the Feature Drop and 248,832 win manners.

That's what it's all about. You get the option to purchase a bonus round. That costs a bit, but with this you have the idea of ​​having the destiny in your own hands. If you win, it is possible that you win 15,000 times your bet. Especially if you like high winnings, this Megaways slot machine is a winner. There is also a nice game element and that is that the reels get higher. For all these reasons, White Rabbit is ranked fourth in the top 10 Megaways slots 2018.

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Vikings Unleashed Megaways

The Feature Drop also applies to the Vikings Unleashed slot machine. This is not a slot machine from Big Time Gaming, but from Blueprint Gaming. The game principle is the same, but this provider naturally assigns its own characteristics. For example when it comes to the game experience and design. That is certainly impressive. The number of win ways is 117,649 and combined with a payout percentage of 96.50%. It is one of the nicer Megaways slots and is therefore ranked five in the top 10.

The tough Vikings are happy to take you on an adventure. The Vikings are even helpful when it comes to winning. The game features bold multipliers and mystery symbols, among other things. A gamble feature is available for free spins and you always start with a minimal multiplier. You can win up to 50,000 times your bet on the Vikings Unleashed slot machine from Blueprint Gaming. The Feature Drop combines with the gamble option. It is possible to pay for a number of up to 12 spins. You buy that with 1x multiplier. Do you want more? Then there is the gamble function to increase your spins and multiplier. There is a high risk factor because you will lose everything if you gamble incorrectly.

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Bonanza Megaways

Bonanza is the first Megaways slot machine that has become a huge success. Big Time Gaming has thus given the real impetus to further development. Bonanza gets a sixth place in the top 10 Megaways slots 2018. There are 117,649 Megaways and the payout percentage is 96%. That is not the highest number of win ways and also not the highest payout percentage of the Megaways slot machines. That is why Bonanza is not in the top five, but in sixth place.

You end up here in an abandoned gold mine that is still active on two sets of roles. The mine carts prove the activity on the top rollers. The symbols here go from right to left. The symbols on the lower set of reels simply fall down the way you are used to. If you win, new symbols will appear on the site of the winning combination. It is therefore possible to win more than once in a row.

The music of the banjo is written and produced by the owner of Big Time Gaming. That's nice to know and maybe that's why you listen to it in a different way. There is no limit on the free spins with multipliers. That means that there are unprecedentedly high winnings, for example 50,000 times your bet. The unique thing about Bonanza is the dual-roll system. A small profit even offers the prospect of a huge amount of money.

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Primal Megaways

The number 7 in the top 10 Megaways slots 2018 is Primal from Blueprint Gaming. The payout percentage is 96.76% and the number of win ways is 46,656. That is not the largest number of Megaways, but still offers more than enough options. Primal has an appealing primal time theme and there are various features. For example, it is interesting to play the bonus round with a maximum of 30 spins. The multipliers increase to a factor of 243. Do you think the primal time is a fun theme? Then it's good to know that Primal can be seen as a mix between Jurassic Park and Raging Rhino with Megaways. By the way, you get a retrigger from two scatters.

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Genie Jackpots Megaways

The number of winning ways of Genie Jackpots Megaways is 15,625. That's a fairly low number and less than the other Megaways slot machine from Blueprint Gaming. The payout percentage is good and amounts to 96.52%. It seems as if the number of win ways limits the possibilities of winning. However, that is not the case. The spirit comes from Aladdin's bottle and helps you on your way. The magic lamp may make your wishes come true. There are four variations of the bonus round with free spins with boosters. Mystery symbols, spin as long as you win, ascending mulitpliers and locking wilds are active. The boosters give you the chance of really high winnings and more than make up for the limited number of win ways. Hence still a place eight in the top 10 Megaways slots 2018.

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Machina Megaways

Machina is one of the surprising Megaways slot machines and is made by Relax Gaming. The payout percentage is between the levels 96.59% and 97.42% and there are 46.656 options for winning combinations. Relax Gaming has done its best with the design and production of Machine.

There is a bonus round with free spins, among other things. Extra spins can be earned and extra premium symbols are available. One of the nicest options that this slot offers is winning a high jackpot. The highest win is even above 25,000 times the entire bet.

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Battleship Direct Hit! Megaways

We close the top 10 Megaways slots 2018 with Battleship Direct Hit! from WMS. The payout percentage is 96.22% and you have 117,649 ways to earn money with winning combinations. Battleship Direct Hit from WMS is also a real hit. Do you know why?

The game Battleship has formed the basis for both the design and the story of the slot machine. The extra features make it a great Megaways slot machine. For example, win free spins by making ships disappear under the water. Or go for the jackpot. You can win up to 50 free spins and with a jackpot you can win 25,000 times your bet, for example. The mystery symbols make the story complete.

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